Hy! I am Deepak Sharma

A seasoned freelance SEO and digital marketer with a passion for connecting businesses with their target audience. With 6+ years of experience in the field, I bring a wealth of expertise to enhance your online presence.

Client Satisfaction

My Skills

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Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with three IT companies, gaining diverse experience across various facets of digital marketing. My specialties include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), WordPress Designing, SEO-friendly Content Writing for websites, Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing and Optimization, Organic Lead Generation, LinkedIn Lead Generation, and Email Marketing.

SEO (On-Page & Off-Page)
Google Ads + FB Ads
PPC (Google Ads, FB, Insta)
Website Content + Blog Writing
Web & Graphic Design​
High Quality Link Building
Social Media (Paid & Organic)
Paid Canva
Content Writing (Pages & Blogs)
Traffic Generation
Email Marketing
Email Promotion

Experience (6+ Years)

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Until 2024, I gained valuable 6+ years of experience in digital marketing solutions, working with three IT companies.

  • Team Leader of Digital Marketing Team – 2022-24 | QServices Inc. Mohali, PB.
  • Sr. SEO & PPC Executive – 2019-22 | Appsysco, Mohali
  • SEO Executive – 2017-2019 | MKR Techsoft, Dinanagar PB.

Words from Clients

5.0 on UpWork

client testimonial

ilbey Ucar

Founder of PsyNOMAD Company

Deepak is always responsible, organized, and disciplined. I’ll hire him on a regular salary to work with me when I’ve recuperated economically and have a budget. I had the advantage of getting professional service for the first time in my life and there was a lot of technical deficiencies on my site. I thought a lot of things were right and inaccurate on my own. Thank you very much to Deepak for this consultancy process. He really did very hard work.

Educational History

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I started my education in elementary school, progressing through middle and high school. Following that, I graduated with a B.C.A from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India. This three-year course in computer science and information technology equipped me with fundamental knowledge in computer applications and software.

  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) – 2008-2009 | Guru Nanak Dev University
  • High School – 2007-08 | PSEB
  • SEO Training – 2017 | MKR Techsoft, Dinanagar PB

My Responsibility​

Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Develop and execute strategic, results-driven SEO audit. to oversee technical issues.
  • Conduct Keyword Research and Optimize content with precision through effective keyword strategies.
  • Optimize images, meta tags, header tags, internal linking, and URL structures.
  • Implementing Schema Markup, and canonical URLs.
  • Build authoritative backlinks for enhanced search engine rankings.
  • Craft and optimize content for maximum user and search appeal.
  • Optimize websites for superior performance on mobile devices.
  • Enhance local search visibility for targeted geographical reach.
  • Conduct competitor analysis to identify and leverage SEO opportunities.
  • Identify and address content gaps for comprehensive content marketing.
  • Adapt SEO strategies to align with the rise of voice search.
pay Per Click Services
  • Make ads online to achieve what clients want.
  • Create campaign structure and analyzing the niche.
  • Spend ad money carefully to get the most in return.
  • Choose the best words for ads after careful research.
  • Pick the right target audience and choose geographical location carefully to display ads to the people who are most likely interested.
  • Conduct keyword research and make ads that make people want to do something.
  • Try different ads to see which ones work better.
  • See what people do after clicking on ads and maintain landing page also.
  • Look at data to see if ads are working well and tell clients.
  • Keep learning about ads and change them based on what works.
Social media promotion
  • Know how to use different social media platforms well and make strategies according to that.
  • Make interesting posts for people to like and share.
  • Create monthly calendar and plan what to post everyday and decide ahead of time what to share.
  • Check how well things are going and tell you about it.
  • Also well knowledge of paid tools like Hootsuite and Publr.ai for scheduling and Analyzing post
  • Organic Lead Generation by personalized messaging.
  • Share helpful information to show you know a lot.
  • Update Weekly Metrix reports to showcase the progress.
  • Use paid promotions to reach a larger audience if needed.
Website speed optimization for small business owners
  • Make and run email campaigns that match your goals.
  • Write emails that convince people to take action and Send emails with content that suits each person’s interests.
  • Set up sequences & automate them and send emails at the right times.
  • Make sure emails look nice and are easy to read.
  • Try different things, see what works best, and make it better.
  • Keep email lists clean and working well.
  • Plan emails to achieve specific objectives and goals.
  • Use different content to make emails interesting for everyone.
  • Make sure emails follow the rules and best practices.
  • Check that links in emails take you to websites easily.
Blog writing for small business owners
  • Make sure websites work perfectly on phones, tablets and desktop and ensure that websites adjust well to different screen sizes.
  • Make content that rank on Google and engages users.
  • Use attractive images and visuals to capture visitors’ attention.
  • Listen to clients and design websites that match their preferences.
  • Ensure websites load quickly for a better user experience.
  • Regularly update and enhance websites for better performance.
  • Use tools to see how websites are doing and make them better.
  • Choose and use plugins carefully for more website features.
  • Keep websites safe from online threats.
  • Make sure websites work well on different web browsers.
SEO friendly Content writing services
  • Write SEO-aligned onsite and offsite content for enhanced online visibility.
  • I write content for Blog Posts, Articles, Product or Service Pages, Landing Pages, Case Studies, Infographics, Social Media Content, Email Newsletters, FAQs , Testimonials and Reviews, Podcast Scripts or Transcripts and more.
  • Analysis niche and write SEO friendly, unique, and customer oriented content with proper keyword search and implementation.
  • Optimize meta tags for improved search visibility and click-through rates.
  • Edit website content to align with best SEO practices effectively.
  • Conduct topic research aligning with SEO objectives meticulously.
  • Integrate content seamlessly for broader reach across social platforms.
  • Write reader-friendly content for enhanced user engagement and satisfaction.
Graphic designing services
  • As a Canva expert, I Design captivating graphics for website, social media.
  • For Social Media Promotion, I design graphics such as infographics, Quote, Blog Post, Branded Templates, Social Media Ads, Promotional Banners, Email Newsletter, Profile and Cover Images, Events, Animated & Interactive Graphics.
  • I create different designs so you can pick the one you like and that fits your needs.
  • I know how to pick and use fonts so things look good and are easy to read.
  • I know a lot about colors selection to make sure graphics look good on different devices.
  • I check what others are doing, then plan graphics on a schedule.
  • I take client feedback positively and make desired adjustments.
  • Design for both print and digital media with precision and creativity.

My Criteria

Digital Marketing Specialist

👉 Proficient in eloquent English communication

👉 Good in engaging with clients over calls

👉 Skilled in leading and managing marketing teams effectively and teach digital marketing to interns or anyone learning about it.

👉 Open to part-time or full-time commitments for five working days a week.
👉 Possesses robust analytical abilities and familiarity with paid Digital Marketing Tools.
👉 Enjoy the flexibility of choosing work hours, allowing you to work from the comfort of your home or any preferred location.

👉 Implement data-driven decisions through continuous monitoring and analysis, ensuring campaigns align with organizational goals.

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