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Greetings, I’m Tom Hannemann, the Founder of Advance Yourself Career Services, which offers expert resume writing services in Australia both nationally and internationally. Having worked in the career services sector for more than 25 years, my passion was helping friends, family, and coworkers find jobs and improve their resumes. This enthusiasm, coupled with my commitment to helping people achieve their professional goals, inspired me to found Advance Yourself.

Advance Yourself - Case Study

the project’s objectives and Achievements

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Digital Deep Tech began working on this project in February 2014. During our initial client meeting, we established six key objectives: increasing Organic Traffic, improving Keyword Ranking, creating Blog Posts on the website, enhancing Social Media Promotion, optimizing Content Writing, and setting up and optimizing the Google My Business (GMB) profile. In the following section, we will showcase what we have achieved to fully satisfy our clients.

Website Traffic
0 to 10K in Eight Month
Organic website Traffic
Keyword Ranking
15 Keywords in Top Ten
Google Ranking in Australia
Blog Post
Monthly 4 Blog Post
Published 4 blogs monthly with 100% SEO Score
Social Media Promotion
Post 3 Post Weekly
Created Monthly Calendar and Post
Content Writing
Update Website Content
Update SEO-Friendly Content
GMB Optimization
Create Google My Business
Optimized 100% Profile

Results and Outcomes

Client Review

Words from Clients

5 Stat Rating

Tom Hannemann

Tom Hannemann

Resume Writing Expert & Coach

I am completely satisfied with Deepak’s work. He fully honored the commitment he made to me. Initially, there was no traffic on my website, and the ranking of keywords was significantly low. However, after 3 months, I began to see positive results. Notably, my resume writing services started attracting leads from the local area, and my revenue tripled within a single month. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Deepak, and I greatly appreciate his unwavering commitment.

SEO Challenges

SEO Services for Small Business owners

While working on SEO for Advance Yourself’s website, we encountered several challenges as outlined below:

  • Website Audit: We conducted a thorough audit of the website and identified various on-page SEO issues. Fixing these issues posed significant difficulties.
  • Keyword Research: Our team performed advanced keyword research to align with the client’s requirements. However, optimizing the website based on these keywords presented a major challenge.
  • Website Speed: The third significant issue was improving the website’s speed. Both desktop and mobile devices experienced slow loading times. Additionally, writing blogs for the website proved challenging due to client-specific requirements.
  • Keyword Ranking: Achieving top-10 rankings for target keywords was another hurdle. To address this, we focused on creating quality backlinks and crafting unique content.
  • Content Creation: We published four blogs on the website every month. The client emphasized the difficulty of writing and optimizing blog content. Furthermore, we ensured that all website content adhered to SEO-friendly practices.

Result-Driven Solutions

Technical SEO Audit for small business owners

First and foremost, we addressed the issues identified during the website audit. We crafted meta titles and descriptions for the website pages, improved heading tags, and optimized images to enhance website speed. Additionally, we crawled the website pages and reduced their overall size.

remove duplicate content for small business owners

Approximately 30% of the website’s content was duplicated, so we meticulously rewrote it to ensure uniqueness. Furthermore, we strategically incorporated relevant keywords to enhance the site’s SEO performance.

Keyword Research for small business owners

The client specifically sought keyword ranking in their local area. To achieve this, we conducted advanced keyword research using tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. Our resulting keyword list was designed to propel the website to the top ranks on Google.

Website Speed optimization for small business

To address website speed, we took several measures. We optimized image sizes, implemented speed-enhancing plugins, and ensured that the website was responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.

Blog writing for small business owners

In our quest to boost the website’s ranking swiftly, we regularly published blogs. These blogs were tailored to the client’s requirements, complete with eye-catching banner images. After publication, we meticulously optimized each blog for SEO.

Link Building Services for small business owners

To achieve favorable keyword rankings, we focused on creating high-quality backlinks relevant to the client’s niche. Our link-building efforts included writing fresh, engaging content. Remarkably, within three months, we generated 6,000 backlinks, resulting in 15 keywords appearing in the top 10 on Google.

Google My Business Optimization for Small business owners

Lastly, we meticulously crafted and fully optimized Advance Yourself’s Google My Business (GB) profile, targeting the local audience.

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